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Tomatoes (Lycopersicum esculentum)


Specialty tomatoes are our signature product and we grow over 9 varieties of this wonderful fruit (yes tomatoes are fruits, not vegetables) every year. Why? Because we love ‘em and love to see people’s reaction when they taste our locally grown, vine-ripened tomatoes for the first time.

Ho Farms’ tomatoes are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness and make their way to markets the very next day. Most supermarket tomatoes are picked when green to survive the abuse and time of their long trip to market. Ho Farms tomatoes are famous for their sweet flavor and crisp texture and are commonly eaten as a snack, used in salads, and in many delicious recipes [link].

Yes there are many varieties of tomatoes, each with their own wonderful qualities. We currently offer the following tomato varieties in stores:




Texture and Taste

Golden Grape

Dazzling Gold


- Thick skin
- Less water content
- Extra crunchy
- Sugary, sweet taste


Bright Red


- Sweet and crisp
- Extra long shelf life




- Juicy with complex flavors
- Initially tart but leaves a sweet aftertaste

Kahuku Golden

Gold Orange


- Fine texture
- Sweet and light, almost a fruity flavor


Deep Red


- Sweet tomato flavor with a tart aftertaste.

Baby Roma

Radiant Red


  • Balanced flavor
  • Light taste

If your idea of a tomato is only what you get in a burger or salad, try a Ho Farms Family Pack of tomatoes, which includes a variety of varieties (cool huh?) and discover the sweet-juicy-tangy-crispness of the Ho Farm tomato world!

How to Pick a Tomato

First, look for the Ho Farms label! We make sure our tomatoes are:

If you don’t buy Ho Farms tomatoes, we only ask that you don’t make up your mind about what tomatoes taste like until you try one of ours, ok?

How to Store a Tomato (It May Not Be How You Think)

Tomatoes do not require refrigeration! Cooler temperatures can reduce flavors and cause mushiness, so keep fresh, uncut tomatoes in a cool place and consume them within 5 days.
If you want to save them for a later time, freeze the tomatoes in freezer bags and use them for cooking when needed.

Fun Facts

Good For You (Nutritional) Facts:

Serving Size = 1 Cup
Calories – 25.8
Proteins (g) – 1
Carbohydrates (g) – 5.7
Fiber (g)– 1.4
Fat (g) – 0.4
Vitamin A (I.U.) – 766
Vitamin C (mg) – 32
Potassium (mg) – 273