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Long Squash

Long Squash

Long Squash

Cubed Long squash perfectly complements Chicken noodle soup for those chilly days. They are available fresh from our farm 365 days a year. These melons are trellised and never touch the ground ensuing ideal uniform shape and color. They are harvest approximately 8 to 9inches to ensure minimal seeds development and premium sweetness.

What to Look for When Purchasing

Ho Farms Squash are made sure to always be:

Storage Tips

Long Squash have a very good shelf life. But know you kept it on the shelf to long when the melon is cut open and the seeds are hard and developed. It is best favored when used with in one week of purchase. If you cant use a full melon a simple food grade plastic wrap can ensure freshness.

Fun Facts

Good For You (Nutritional) Facts:

Serving Size = 1 cup
Calories – 15
Proteins (g) – 1
Carbohydrates (g) – 4
Fiber (g) – 0
Fat (g) – 0
Vitamin C (%) – 22
Calcium (%) - 3