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Sugar Banana

Sugar Banana (Pusang Awak)

Sugar Banana

Just so much tastier! Known as the Sugar Banana for its sweet taste the exquisite flavor makes the sugar banana a great addition to fruit salads, cakes and muffins. The sugar bananas are fantastic for cooking as it does not brown when cut and remains firm when cooked. Ho Farms Sugar Bananas must be fully ripened for best flavor. Fruits are lime green when picked and gradually ripen to a lemon yellow color. All green must turn to yellow even on the stem.

How to Pick a Sugar Banana

Sugar Bananas are relatively easy to select at your local market.

How to Store Sugar Bananas

Unripe green Sugar Bananas should be kept in room temperature for normal ripping.
For accelerated ripening keep unripe Sugar Bananas in a sealed plastic bag. Bananas naturally produce ethylene gas that help the ripening process.
If the Sugar Bananas fruits are browning which indicate maturity the fruits can be then refrigerated for extended shelf life.

Fun Facts

Good For You (Nutritional) Facts:

Serving Size = 1 fruit
Calories – 65
Proteins (g) – .8
Carbohydrates (g) – 16.67
Fiber (g)– 1.9
Fat (g) – 0.24
Vitamin C (mg) – 12
Folate (mcg) - 20
Potassium (mg) – 342