About Ho Farms

About Us

Ho Farms is truly a family business It is located in Kahuku, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. With each member of the Ho family intimately involved in all aspects of the business, we strive to bring you not only produce of the highest quality and freshness, but produce we are proud to serve at our table. Our love of the land and desire to deliver fresh, high quality produce has allowed us to stay in business for the last eighteen years. In 2007 Ho Farms was recognized as one of Hawaii’s premium products by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and their Hawaii Seal of Quality Program. And out of concern for the health of you and your family, we are proud to be one of the few Food Safety Certified farms in Hawaii, which encompasses a clean work environment, as well as safe handling and packaging practices. We sincerely respect Hawaii’s delicate eco-system and are making great strides in minimizing our environmental impact. The majority of crops people consume today are treated with pesticides in order to generate high yields and control insect infestation. We have invested significantly in technology that enables us to produce the quality we demand without heavy spraying. Less pesticides means less ground water contamination along with a healthier, more natural, better tasting quality product. We hope you will take the time to experience the flavors of Ho Farms.