About Ho Farms

Ho FarmsHo Farms is truly a family business  

It is located in Kahuku, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. With each member of the Ho family intimately involved in all aspects of the business, we strive to bring you not only produce of the highest quality and freshness, but produce we are proud to serve at our table.

Our love of the land and desire to deliver fresh, high quality produce has allowed us to stay in business for the last eighteen years.  In 2007 Ho Farms was recognized as one of Hawaii’s premium products by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and their Hawaii Seal of Quality Program.  And out of concern for the health of you and your family, we are proud to be one of the few Food Safety Certified farms in Hawaii, which encompasses a clean work environment, as well as safe handling and packaging practices.

We sincerely respect Hawaii’s delicate eco-system and are making great strides in minimizing our environmental impact.  The majority of crops people consume today are treated with pesticides in order to generate high yields and control insect infestation. We have invested significantly in technology that enables us to produce the quality we demand without heavy spraying.  Less pesticides means less ground water contamination along with a healthier, more natural, better tasting quality product.
We hope you will take the time to experience the flavors of Ho Farms.

Join the Ho Farms family and help Hawaii reduce its dependence on imported foodCareers

Production Crew
The stars of our healthy products are the few that believe that good old fashion hard work pays off!  If you love getting your hands dirty and being connected to the land, join our crew and feel good about producing excellent produce for the people of Hawaii. We empower all crew members to make active decisions and provide input in how to achieve common goals.  There is always more than one safe way to get something done!

Crew Manager
For those “jack of all trades” looking for an outdoor challenge in an encouraging, proactive environment, this is the course for you.  Help foster development and implement solutions.  Thrive in the challenge and your productivity will be rewarded!

Crew Support
Our small back office crew provides critical support for our production and crew managers. This niche crew ensures that we sustainably grow healthy produce and keeps the paper work flowing in a timely manner.  If you are organized and detail oriented, this one is for you!

School Partnership
We are open to work in partnership with professors and provide their finest graduate students with essential real world work experience.  Leave the textbooks and theory behind and submerge yourself in actual business problems fostering the development of solutions that leverage sustainable ideas and today’s technology.

Interested in our positions?  Download and complete a Job Application (PFD Download) and Email to Info@hofarms.com “Subject Line Job Application (your full name)” zip attachment will not be open.

At Ho Farms, we realize that we are part of the community, and only by supporting each other can we make Hawai’i a better place for us all.  Because we are farmers, we leverage what we do best in our community efforts:

Hawaii FoodbankFoodbank

The HawaiiFoodbank is a fantastic organization that provides thousands of pounds of food every month to families that might otherwise go hungry.  Ho Farms is committed to helping the Hawaii Foodbank’s mission and has been contributing regularly since 2006 (Papa Ho knows what it’s like to not have enough to eat).  The donations help the Hawaii Foodbank reach over 416 food pantries, soup kitchens and emergency shelters throughout the state.  Join us in helping the Hawaii Food Bank fight hunger!

Food Security/Self-Sufficiency

Hawai’i produces only 15 percent of its own food, putting us at risk from any disruption to imports, like storms or dockworker strikes.  Imported vegetation can also include foreign pests that may get introduced into our ecosystem.  By producing more of our own food, we address these issues, preserve open green spaces, create jobs, keep money in Hawai’i, and promote the health and nutrition of local families.

In addition to being a local food producer, Ho Farms actively addresses the above issue through our contributions to and participation in events that promote Hawaii’s local agriculture, and by being vocal advocates for the coexistence of our industry and the rapidly changing urban lifestyle.

Organization Fundraising

At Ho Farms, we’re passionate about feeding Hawai’i.  What is your passion?  If you’re looking for a unique and healthy way to raise funds for your local organization, may we humbly suggest combining our passions by offering local fresh produce for your fundraiser?   Of course, we can supply local vegetables of the highest quality in convenient packaging. 

We would love to support your decision to promote local agriculture in your fundraiser.  Contact us at info@hofarms.com to learn more. 

Customer ServiceHo Family Picture

We primarily serve our customers by constantly striving to grow and offer the best vegetables in Hawaii!  Our commitment to quality, the steps we take to minimize our use of chemicals, and our Good Agriculture Practice have earned us recognition by the Hawaii Seal of Quality program.

For our commercial buyers, we are a full-service produce wholesaler that offers consistency of quality and supply of our high-quality, fresh, local, GAP certified produce. We offer a well-recognized and regarded brand and deal directly with consumers so we know what they want.  We also utilize technology to be very responsive and ensure our records are accurate, billings timely, and buyers are well-informed.  Most importantly, we take a partnership approach to ensure our relationship is long-term and benefits both of us.

For our Farmers’ Market customers, the people you are buying the vegetables from are the same folks that grow them—us, so we can not only provide you with the best vegetables in Hawaii, but we can also educate you on topics such as the differences with various growing techniques and why locally-grown vegetables are tastier and healthier.


We’re proud of the quality of our vegetables and so we’ve worked hard to package our product to make sure that your customers can see the quality and that it will be as fresh as possible when they take it home and enjoy it.  Our products are properly packaged for transport, look better, last longer and stay crisp and moist because we use suitable food-grade packaging that is actually designed to transfer oxygen or lock moisture in at a rate that best maintains our quality!  Ho Farms is known for high quality, local, safe produce and so our (beautiful) labels make it easy for customers to recognize a favored brand.


We want our customers to get the freshest produce possible, so we harvest throughout the week and deliver six times a week to minimize the time between harvest and delivery.  In addition, we work to minimize our carbon footprint by intelligently arranging deliveries so we drive as few miles as possible.

Contact Us

Your customers want local, safe, high-quality produce.  They want Ho Farms!  If you want to see first-hand why our products and packaging make our products customer (and retailer!) favorites, please e-mail us.  We’re easy to do business with and look forward to working together to improve your business.

You can find our products at these O’ahu grocers who care about offering the quality local produce (Ho Farms of course!):

Hawaii Farm Bureau Farmer’s Markets only allow locally produced foods, and Ho Farms can regularly be found at:

Neal Blaisdell Farmers’ Market:  Wednesdays, 4:00-7:00 pm
This is a great market with an abundance of local produce vendors as well as great local prepared foods.  The market is situated near the corner of King Street and Ward Avenue on the Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall Lawn.  Market customers get free parking!  Enter the parking area from King Street. 

Kapiolani Community College Farmers’ Market:  Saturdays, 7:30-11:00 am
The island’s premier farmers’ market is located on the grounds of the Kapiolani Community College near Diamond Head.  You can find a variety of products including fruits, vegetables, flowers, beef, aqua cultured seafood, fresh baked breads, handmade pastas, tropical jams and jellies, unique snack foods, honey, baked goods, specialty seasonings and more.  Many of the items cannot be easily found at other retail markets.  The market even features a hot breakfast plate from a different restaurant each week!
The market is on the Diamond Head side of the campus and there’s plenty of parking as shoppers come and go throughout the morning.


Many restaurants are also committed to using the best fresh local produce like ours. Some of our favorites include: